My Heart & My Soul~

My Heart & My Soul~
Qz and Baba


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Friday, 17 June 2011

Great Mom - Part 1

Name: Pn. Noorzalina Abdullah @ Dorothy
Age : 50 years (just withdraw EPF.heheh)
D.O.B : 12/06/1961
Hometown : Tuaran
Occupation: Tailor, Bussinesswomen. etc sosial worker

Super Duper MOM
You're a super duper wonderful mother
so gentle, yet so strong
the many ways you show you care
always make me feel I belong
you're patient when i'm foolish
you give answer whem I'm asking
It seems you can do most anything
you're the master of every task
You're a dependable source of comfort
you're my cushion when I fall
you help in time of trouble
you support whenever I call
I love you more than you know
If I had my choice of mother..
YOU'd be the one I'd select
cause you are my SUPER DUPER MOM
I wish I can be your side till the end of life


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